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Global Warming News and Analysis: Featured link of the day

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Featured link of the day

http://www.fromthewilderness.com/ - lots of global warming news stories. I wasn't looking for them, I was googling "Crossing The Rubicon" and the first page that was returned had a bunch of global warming news stories.

Here is just one of the news stories from the above site:


Michael C. Ruppert

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February 1, 2006 0900 PST (FTW) -- The following passage appeared on the New York Times’ “World Briefing” web page yesterday.

Had not the London subway bombings taken place last July 7th the top headline for the day might have been “Blair Breaks With Bush Over Global Warming at G8”. That’s what happened that day but we never got to hear that in the news. For almost a full year British papers and other media have been screaming about the imminent danger of global warming and climate collapse. It is just amazing to see something so important in Britain and so significant for all of us buried like this in the American press. It’s like the American media believes that we live on some other planet. Britain knows where it is situated and it is already in deep water.

Now this:

BRITAIN: BLAIR WARNING ON CLIMATE CHANGE The threat posed by climate change may be "greater than we thought," and global warming from the emission of greenhouse gases, is advancing at a "rate that is unsustainable," Prime Minister Tony Blair said in a new report based on government-sponsored research. The report, Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change, warned that the huge West Antarctic ice sheet might be starting to disintegrate, an event that could raise sea levels by 16 feet. A previous report played down worries about the ice sheet's stability and characterized it as a "slumbering giant." The new report says, "It is now an awakened giant," adding, "There is real concern." (AP)

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