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Global Warming News and Analysis: March of the Penguins

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


March of the Penguins

If you saw the Documentary "March of the Penguins," then this might have special meaning to you.

SCIENCE UPDATE (from Environmental Defense)

New Study Finds Climate Risk for Species
A new study in the prestigious journal Conservation Biology warns that climate change could compete with deforestation as a top source of species extinctions by the end of this century. Read the abstract

Going? Going? Gone! A Tale of Three Species

Polar bears are threatened as Arctic sea ice floats – critical for hunting – melt at alarming rates.

Global warming threatens the fragile breeding grounds of Antarctica's emperor penguins.

Golden toads of Costa Rica haven't been seen since 1989. Many blame global warming (in part) for their demise.

We have just a few years to act to fight global warming – starting with passing a national cap on America's global warming pollution. Donate now to support our campaign to pass strong global warming legislation. Donate Now!

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